Reflections on the Lake Placid Ironman

Having had some time to think and after enjoying the culmination of over a year of training and anticipation, the experience simplifies down to one thing.

Am I Ironman?

Little did I know that catching up with a friend on a back porch in Vermont would lead to a training for an Ironman.

The Essential WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugins are invaluable for both the developer and end-user as they save time, are often well designed, and are easy to use once installed. I consider these 7 plugins essential for every site that I build.

First Milking

A piece that is inspired by Geordie and Emery Hard who own and operate an organic dairy farm in Cabot, Vermont. A young, married couple, they live every day with an incredible purpose, constant work ethic, and tireless energy.

4 Awesome Strategy Board Games

While there are a plethora of game categories, strategy games are a type that I have always enjoyed and continue to play with friends and family. Strategy games empower your decision making to impact the outcome of the game, while requiring a bit of luck and adaptation to the ever-changing landscape of the game.

Must Have Services For Contract Web Developers

As someone who works from home offices, coffee shops, couches, kitchen tables, airports, hotel lobbies, and every where in between, I’ve learned to love these services. In fact, it’s hard to imagine my work life without them.