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President's Message
This is our first attempt to keep you updated with an E-Newsletter on the happenings within the Moosalamoo Region over the past two years and since the designation of the N.R.A. and the floods of August 2008.  We have been incredibly busy with a variety of projects from rebuilding trails and bridges, wildlife openings, working with a variety of recreation opportunities, and more importantly the symbolic relationships that have been fostered with the Forest Service and a variety of non-profit organizations. I hope you find this E-Newsletter informative and helpful and do not hesitate to stay in touch with us.
Happy Outdoors 
Tony Clark, President
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If you're thinking that it's been ages since you heard from're right. Following the designation of the region as the Moosalamoo National Recreation Area by an Act of Congress in January 2007, we undertook a brand study funded by USDA Rural Business Enterprise Grant program funds. We were holding off on sending out a newsletter until we could report on the results of the study... and then the rain came! In August 2008 the region was awash with flood waters that left more than $2million in damage to roads, bridges, and trails. To say that we were all overwhelmed would be an understatement. However, the last fourteen months have brought some remediation and some additional funding for our treasured NRA and the picture looks very bright going forward.
We have so much to tell you, it's hard to know where to start. We'll try to keep this simple and not overwhelm you all with too much information. 
New Bridges!
The Green Mountain National Forest recently received stimulus funds for on-the-ground projects and Moosalamoo Association was one recipient of funding to replace seven bridges washed out in August 2008. The work began this week when our project manager met with the bridge contractor to review the proposed work and assess the bridge sites. The first two bridges are located on Elsie's Loop and Horseshoe, both integral to cross-country ski trails for winter. Thus, the plan is to have both replaced by November 15th to accommodate the winter 2009-10 skiing season.  
Since the major floods of August 2008 when most of the trail bridges within the Moosalamoo National Recreation Area were washed out, we have put together an Adopt-A-Bridge program.
The actual cost per bridge is around $10,000 and we have 8 bridges that need to be replaced so for $3,000 you would be able to sponsor your own bridge, named after you or your company, and promoted as such.
All new bridges have to be re-built with steel beams from steel manufactured in America, under Forest Service specifications, and hopefully will last for many generations... interested? Contact the Moosalamoo National Recreation office at 802-747-7900 or email us at
 News from US Forest Service, GMNF
The VYCC crew of Meredith, Kaylie, Tim, and its leaders, Dan and Sam, were the bread-and-butter of our trail work in the Moosalamoo NRA this summer.  The crew spent its days working on trail repairs and its nights in the Moosalamoo VYCCcampground. The crew provided trail maintenance on the following trails: North Branch, Rattlesnake Cliffs, Aunt Jenny, the Ridge, Silver Lake Loop, Abbey Pond, Robert Frost Interpretative Oak Ridge, Catamount, and Keewaydin. The annual maintenance involved clearing water drainages and blow downs. The VYCC crew also implemented Trail maintenance and construction projects on the North Branch, Catamount, Ridge, Keewaydin, and Oak Ridge Trails. Additionally, the crew constructed a 32-foot fence at the Robert Frost Interpretative Trail, removed two road culverts from the Breadloaf Wilderness Area and installed various signage across the Moosalamoo Region. Visitors to the Oak Ridge Trail will notice the major facelift from hundreds of hours of hard labor, including help from the Vermont Mountain Bike Association, the Middlebury Bike Club, and additional late-season VYCC efforts.
We are also looking to create a new trail segment approximately 0.2 miles to connect the Voter Brook Overlook with the North Branch Trail.  We look forward to having the Robert Frost Trail Bridge over the Middlebury River replaced in the summer of 2010. 
Here's a recommended stop on a visit to the Moosalamoo NRA: Drive to the Blueberry Management Area on Hogback Mountain, park at the trailhead, and take a leisurely five-minute walk to the center of the blueberry patch. The scenery is breathtaking.  Spend a few minutes hiking higher up the ridge for even more spectacular views. On your way back sit awhile on the old shepherds' bench. 
ROCHESTER, VT (November 4, 2009) - The Green Mountain National Forest will be relocating portions of the Leicester Hollow Trail, located in the Moosalamoo National Recreation Area, out of the floodplain to restore pedestrian and mountain bike access to the trail.  The agency is also designating snowmobile use on the nearby Ridge Trail and conducting watershed restoration activities to Leicester Hollow Brook. Both trails are in the towns of Brandon and Leicester. 

"The Leicester Hollow Trail is severely washed out and repair in its current location is not sustainable against future flood events," said District Ranger Greg Smith, "Relocating the trail out of the flood plain is the most sustainable option for long-term management." 
An August 2008 flood event resulted in limited public access to the Leicester Hollow trails, an area that is popular among local residents and visitors to Vermont. Repairs to the trail involve reconstructing the trail tread out of the floodplain to improve the ecological integrity of the watershed and to establish a more sustainable trail that requires less long-term maintenance costs. 
The decision also designates snowmobile use on the Ridge Trail, restoring connectivity to a portion of the state-wide snowmobile trail system (VAST Corridor 7A) that has been cut off and inoperable since 2008. This project will improve watershed health, enhance the effective use of partnerships and reduce public health and safety risks.
For maps and more information on the Leicester Hollow re-route click here.
For more information on Forest Service activities or management, please contact the Rochester Ranger District, (802) 767-4261.
Nature Notes 
In Search of the Moose
by Bruce Brown 

If you have never seen a moose, you only have to walk up behind Blueberry Hill Inn.  There you will at least find fresh tracks as the moose travel down to the beaver pond for a bit to eat and drink. With an antler spread of six of more feet, walking down trails instead of woodlands makes sense. This large member of the deer family Alces palces, stands more than seven feet tall and weights as much as1500 lbs. 
News from Vermont Mountain Bike Association 
by Patrick Kell

The Vermont Mountain Bike Association ( have been steadily building a partnership with the Moosalamoo Association and the United States Forest Service over the past two years.  This has resulted in access to several sections of trail in the Moosalamoo National Recreation Area, including the Oakridge and Moosalamoo Trails. We have held several great volunteer trail days there with the Middlebury Bike Club, with work also completed by the Vermont Youth Conservation Corps.  This year we were fortunate enough to also have the Subaru-IMBA Trail Care Crew pay us a visit, to assist with our work in the region. The Subaru IMBA  training session was attended by staff from the United States Forest Service, the Vermont Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation, the towns of Rutland and West Rutland, and the Vermont Youth Conservation Corps (VYCC), along with many volunteers from various VMBA chapters.  The training focused on designing and building sustainable mountain bike trails, and along with classroom sessions in Blueberry Hill XC Ski Center, we also completed a high priority trail reroute on a section of the Oakridge Trail.  A VYCC crew will continue their work on the Oakridge Trail in early November, and we now have a solid list of projects to be completed by VYCC crews and local volunteers in the area in 2010 and 2011.
VMBA wishes to extend a big thanks to the Moosalamoo Association and the United States Forest Service for all of their assistance over the past two years, and look forward to continuing our partnership into the future. 
Online Holiday Auction
The Vermont Youth Conservation Corps is holding an online holiday auction from December 1st to 15th to raise matching funds for very important stewardship work performed throughout the state. The Moosalamoo National Recreation Area benefits greatly from the work crews that provide trail maintenance and repairs, habitat improvements, and visitor liaison at the Moosalamoo Campground. The Moosalamoo Association will also share in the revenue generated from the auction.
Will you please help support VYCC and the Moosalamoo Association by visiting the auction website when it's posted live at and placing your bids for the many goods and services provided by our friends and partners.
The Moosalamoo Association offers you the opportunity to adopt a "symbolic" moose to help support development of educational, interpretive, and recreational programming for 2010. We invite you to select the "soft and squishy" Lil' Miles Moose or "Fuzz that Wuzz" made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. You'll receive a Certificate of Symbolic Adoption for each moose that you purchase. 
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News from Brandon 
The Brandon Museum and Visitor Center at the Stephen A. Douglas Birthplace held a grand opening on September 6. The building is beautiful! The Visitor Center is now open daily from 8 am - 6 pm. For more information, call 802-247-6401 or email to  Download flier here.