Reflections on the Lake Placid Ironman

Having had some time to think and after enjoying the culmination of over a year of training and anticipation, the experience simplifies down to one thing.

Am I Ironman?

Little did I know that catching up with a friend on a back porch in Vermont would lead to a training for an Ironman.

First Milking

A piece that is inspired by Geordie and Emery Hard who own and operate an organic dairy farm in Cabot, Vermont. A young, married couple, they live every day with an incredible purpose, constant work ethic, and tireless energy.

4 Awesome Strategy Board Games

While there are a plethora of game categories, strategy games are a type that I have always enjoyed and continue to play with friends and family. Strategy games empower your decision making to impact the outcome of the game, while requiring a bit of luck and adaptation to the ever-changing landscape of the game.