In 2012, I co-founded an online platform, similar to a wedding registry, where donors could send nonprofits real goods. As a result, helped nonprofits and donors connect in a more tangible, transparent way. We helped thousands of donors send hundred of nonprofits nearly $100,000 worth of tangible goods.

As part of our outreach, Mike Stone and I embarked on The Voluntour, a 7-week, volunteering road trip where circumvented the United States, lent a helping hand in 20 cities, and learned more about the nonprofits that we served.

We appreciate everyone who walked with us down this path, supported a new idea, and expressing their care for our country’s admirable charitable causes.


For one event, 39 donors sent 200 donated goods (50 blankets, 50 plush puppies, 50 frog backpacks, and 50 “Oh, the Places You’ll Go” book) to New Yorkers For Children.